Millyard Kawasaki Z 2300 V12 motorcycle - How its made

In this video i explain how i made some of the parts for my Kawasaki Z 2300 V12 some of the problems i had and how i over come them. The video is primarily old photos and a bit of old video taken in 2005, I don't have any riding footage, but i did around 2500 miles on the V12 before retiring it to the Barber Motorsport Museum in Birmingham Alabama USA where it can be sen today along side my Kawasaki 1600 V8, 850 five and HondaV Twin. The V12 is a 24 valve double overhead cam engine with digital fuel injection and although was quite fast it also used fuel at an alarming rate. I rode it to The Isle of Man TT in 2003 and did several laps of the famous mountain circuit. "